Packaging design changed the history of Homemade

100% financed by BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank), the new design boosted sales by 60% in one year

The Homemade jams now come in a brand-new packaging that measures up to the product’s superior quality. The design of their glass jar has been improved with an eye-catching label and a charming metal handle, refreshing the brand’s image, boosting sales in 60% and becoming a hot topic for bloggers, who regard the packaging as “really cute.”


Design helps your company do more for less.

Design increases brand value, delights consumers, rationalizes processes, optimizes costs, minimizes impacts.

It is productive investment that can be financed by the BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank).

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Design Export changes the prospect for Brazilian honey

Export packaging promises to enhance the beekeeping industry competitiveness

Exporting honey in bulk is a practice that may soon come to an end. The Design Export program, which was made for ABEMEL, fostered by Apex Brasil and coordinated by CBD, results in exclusive packaging with focus on the markets of the US, Canada, Japan, China and the Middle East.


New brand portrays “the soul” of Embracon

Feel the excitement of the entrepreneurs who have placed their trust in design for their celebration of 25 years of success

Embracon’s new brand conveys clarity, lightness and meaning. Preserving the original colors, the design of the new symbol is more friendly and reinforces the company’s mission: to delight customers and collaborators.