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Brand design is an indispensable tool: from the bank to the bakery, from the supermarket to the social network, from the school to the gym, from the exporter to the producer, from the factory to the NGO, from the franchise to the startup, from coffee to the coffee shop. The more accurate the brand design, the more effective the communication and the higher are the chances of success.

Packaging design is a fundamental resource, no matter which strategy is at play: to export with added value, to innovate at competitive prices, to promote conscientious consumption. The more productive the interfaces between design and the links of the consumption chain, the higher the chances of a successful product.

Our design is a medium, increasing the value of your business is the end. Which, let’s face it, is a great start.

Müller Camacho, design since 1989. Experience our experience.

Experience our experience.

Experience our experience.

Design since 1989

We provide design that is attainable and accessible. Design that makes your brand beautiful, relevant, consistent. Design that makes your package viable, competitive and sustainable.

 Packaging design: innovation, new formats, communication, interface with suppliers, cost reduction, process optimization.

 Brand design, name creation, graphic design, web design, communication.

Business consulting for new technologies in packaging.

years of experience

Müller Camacho, design since 1989. Experience our experience.

High-performance design

Being independently creative, we generate design solutions that help you reach better brand and packaging performance.

The results are higher sales, higher business value, empathy with the consumer, process optimization, systemic cost reduction.

Your company will own the design and capitalize on the competitive advantage that comes from innovation, besides being eligible for financing the project through BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank).

Müller Camacho, design since 1989. Experience our experience. 


Manoel Müller

He received his degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and is a History teacher and a born lecturer. A man of entrepreneurial spirit, he was a founder and the first president of ABEDESIGN – The Brazilian Association of Design Companies. He possesses a profound knowledge of how the packaging chain works and knows how to transform ideas into viable products. He was chosen ‘Professional of the Year’ by ABOUT magazine and ‘Personality of the Year’ by Embanews magazine.

Dóris Camacho

She holds a BA in Advertising from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado – FAAP and an MA from FGV. A born writer and an intuitive-creative person, she is experienced in generating concepts, brands and images that sell. She leads design projects, from conception to execution, and enhances aesthetic solutions with strategic focus. With her team, she won the London Design Awards as well as the main Brazilian design awards.

“May the common packaging forgive us, but design is fundamental.”

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We thank everyone who played a part in granting us awards in a number of categories: packaging design trade, export packaging, international projects, ecodesign, packaging case history, shape and structure design, graphic design, marketing research and product differentiation through packaging.


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